Everything you need to know about Free Fire MAX!!!

What’s new in the Free Fire MAX?

More Realistic Gameplay with Firelink Technology

So, coming to the first feature of the Free Fire MAX, the makers have said that the game contains more Face-Paced, Deeply immersive gameplay, which basically means more realistic gameplay than the previous one.

And, if talk of the Firelink Technology, then this refers to a player who can log in their already existing Garena Free Fire ID into the new Free Fire MAX. So, that the player would not have to worry about their stuff from the Garena Free Fire.

Overall it’s just better gameplay with improved graphics in the new Free Fire MAX download for pc version.

Exclusive Features, Better Gameplay, and Upgraded Visuals

So, this is the next area where we’ll highlight some more features. The first one is the exclusive feature that means now, you can start the match with a 360 exclusive lobby in the game where you can display items and skins according to your choices.

The second one is the Upgraded visuals. The makers state that they have further upgraded the quality of the graphics in the lobby and as well as in the maps also. And, new Bermuda and Bermuda 2.0 are also introduced in the new game.

And the third one is the Improved Gameplay. Better sound, realistic graphics, and the essence of improved animation in the game for the weapons and vehicles and also the maps.

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Bermuda Max and Craft land

So far the craft land is one of the best maps and the reason behind it is that you can customize and design the whole map according to yourself and how you feel like.

And, not only you can create the map of your own choice but also invite your friends to your craft land map to play with you. The CraftLand map also requires a custom room card just like any other map.

Now, coming to the Bermuda MAX. A new upgraded version of the previous Bermuda. The graphics or the sound quality and upgraded map locations in the new Bermuda MAX.

Below is the list of the Free Fire MAX all-new features:-

  1. CraftLand
  2. New- 360-degree lobby
  3. New Weapon Reload Animations
  4. Improved Movement and interaction Animations
  5. Improvements to Weapon Sound Effects
  6. Enhanced Echo Effect
  7. New UAV Scan Special Effect
  8. New High-Definition Water and Water Reflection Effects
  9. Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  10. New – 6v6 Clash Squad!
  11. Map Adjustment
  12. Airdrop Vending Machine
  13. Revival Points
  14. Play Zone Adjustment
  15. Combat Zone
  16. Chrono Character and Pets
  17. Armor Attachments
  18. Treatment Sniper
  19. SPAS-12
  20. FF-Knife
  21. Grenade
  22. AWM
  23. SKS
  24. Vector
  25. Replay system
  26. Guild System
  27.  Players can split their items while discarding them.
  28. Added players’ rank star count in the in-game Clash Squad leaderboard
  29. Added chat bubbles while in the team formation menu.
  30. Optimized Decoy Grenade’s display on the mini-map.

This list is just a small portion of the information from the Patch Notes of the Free Fire MAX. I highly recommend that you visit the page here for more information regarding the changes.

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