Help with accounts Issues


I used to let my brother and nephews use my phone to play some games. My brother, his girlfriend and a friend who found himself stuck living with us because the quarantine all play the game.

I wanted to try Free Fire to play with them, but when I tried to create an account with my Google Account in MY phone I found that my shitty minecraft fan nephew had used MY google account to create (or link or whatever) a Free Fire account Named Maincraf1 (He can't even spell Minecraft).

Obviously I'm not letting him touch any of my devices ever again.

The issue is that I would castrate myself before ever playing a game with a nickname like that and I haven't been able to find a way to change that abomination of an account's Google E-mail. Nor delete it.

Is there any way to change the account's Google account or something?

I even tried, like a video stated it, to use a VPN and make it look like I'm in Sweden (according to the video you can delete account through settings in sweden).

I can't let my nephew use my google account for that because I have my Credit Cards linked to my account, nor do I want to game a new Google Account just for 1 game.

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