Free fire skills

Garena’s Free Fire, a player can make combinations of character’s skills by purchasing skill slots. With more than 20 playable characters with different abilities and many more to come in future updates, making successful skill combinations will depend on the player’s gameplay style, preferences, and if they’re playing solo or duo/squad.

As of today, pre-OB21 update, it’s acceptable to say that Alok is one of the best choices as a main character. His Drop the Beat skill creates an aura that increases ally movement speed by 10 percent and restores five HP per second for five seconds, making him powerful when playing solo or in a squad.

These are some of the best and most useful skill combinations in Free Fire.

Kelly + Joseph + Hayato + Alok

This combination is good for players who are into short-range gameplay. With Kelly’s skill Dash that increases sprinting speed, Joseph’s ability Nutty Movement that increases movement speed by 10 percent for one second when being hit, and Alok’s skill of healing and speed, the player will be able to protect themself and attack at the same time. Hayato’s ability Bushido is used to tank damage since it increases armor penetration when HP is lowered.

Laura + Moco + Kelly + Alok

This character combination is important because it joins four different useful skills. Laura’s ability Sharp Shooter will increase accuracy while being scoped in, Moco’s Hacker’s eye will tag enemies that she shoots to show their location, and Kelly’s Dash will give the necessary increase of speed. All of this combined with Alok’s healing makes this a great combination for tactical short-range players.

Paloma + Hayato + Kelly + Alok

Paloma’s Arms-dealing skill that carries AR ammo without taking up space and Hayato’s Bushido that increases armor penetration is a good combination for mid and long-range players who prefer to take shots far away from the enemy. Kelly is also a key addition to this combination. Her Dash skill with Alok’s healing will be useful when long-range gameplay is no longer an option and the player has to fight enemies up close.

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